Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Christmas Ornament Parade Begins!

The older I get, the more I appreciate and enjoy doing Christmas Ornaments. They are relatively quick to do, and provide a great opportunity to play with new threads and stitches. They are also one of the things that children and grandchildren are most likely to cherish, as opposed to needlepoint pictures or pillows that have to fit into a certain decorating scheme to look good.
Whenever I pull out my ornaments that are store bought, gifted, or home made, I have a strong and emotional walk down memory lane. There is the robot ornament from my nephew that brings back his childhood days when he was wild crazy over any robot he saw. Or there is the Christopher Radko breast cancer ornament that is a stern reminder of the fight my sister went through, with the diagnosis coming two days before Christmas.
I don't throw out ornaments, I just keep adding to what I have, as I see each one as a wee piece of memory of days gone by.
The ornament I'm sharing today is probably about 16 years old. The stitches were my own- I didn't even think of using stitch guides at the time, so stitches were simple, but still effective. I imagine I paid about $8.00 for the painted canvas- a far cry from what we see now!
This isn't one of my very favorites, but it still has its special place.

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  1. This is so pretty. It's hard to tell, but did you use beads?