Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Crazy Quilt Round Robin Ends

It was a delightful experience to get all of my round robin blocks back from the tone on tone crazy quilt. I had a wonderful array of talented stitchers to work on these.
Thanks to Diane, Cathy, Ritva, Rita, and Candji for creating such beautiful memories for me.

Gerry Krueger of astutely says that one of the best things that crazy quilters can do to learn and become better crazy quilters is to do a round robin and I happen to agree. I want to produce my very best work that is going into someone elses hands, and while I am working to make that happen, I am also seeing the best work of others and getting inspired.

Round robins also ensure that you keep a regular stitching schedule to meet the deadlines of sending out a block. The more you crazy quilt, the better you will get.
And if you follow blogs like you will get a lot of ideas on how to improve the design look and feel of what you are doing.

My local crazy quilt group will be doing it's first round robin here. We are starting out with a 10" fan block and will do the seam treatments and then embellish.
I hope everyone will get addicted!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wisconsin Quilt Museum Rocks!

We now have a remodeled and fully completed Quilt Museum here in Wisconsin. You can see it on it's website: . This location will be featuring quilt exhibits and classes with both local and national teachers. There is also a wonderful gift shop, featuring the talents of many individuals.

The Museum will once again be featuring University Days on May 11th and May 12th, 2012.
Students will be able to take up to 4 hour long sessions per day in a variety of quilting and mixed media techniques. It might be a nice time for those of you looking for a weekend getaway to take a trip. The town of Cedarburg where the museum is located is quite charming, with many shops, a quilt store, coffee shops and restaurants to visit.

I will be teaching again this year doing a lecture "Introduction to Crazy Quilting"
as well as a "Fun with Ric Rac" class. I have to thank Sharon Boggon for introducing me to the wonders of this humble embellishment at Crazy Quilting Adventures. I plan on doing a demonstration as well as a little bit of hands on with ric rac.

My sister Laura Krasinski will also be teaching fusing techniques at the workshops. She is now involved in teaching and selling the stunning array of Big Fork Bay fusible quilting patterns which feature a variety of animals, folk art, and travel scenes just to mention a few.

I plan on getting to the Museum this weekend and will post some pics after I do. Right now my camera seems to be AWOL after a long hiatus from blogging!