Monday, August 22, 2011

The Future's so bright I wanna wear shades! this a bright CQ block or what!!??

I just completed the last of my tone on tone RR blocks, and the color for this one was yellow. What a challenge to do justice to Diane's beautiful block. These blocks are going to be used for a crazy quilt for her grandson, so she wanted a lot of "bling" and I needed to lay low on laces and SRE which are more girly girl.
My first inclination was to do a koi fish, having a lot of fun with the scales, tail and such. But the nekkid square didn't like that idea. I needed to find something that would move my focal point more to the top, so the beautiful swirly fabric in the middle could be maintained.
What child doesn't like a sunny day? Happy, happy. So I went about creating the sun using Gerry Kruegers felt technique. I covered the circle with translucent yellow sequins and beads and then couched a braid around the outside of the circle. The triangular rays were also done in felt covered by a yellow bead mix.
I added a variety of rays to the edges of the block using different weight, textures, patterns, and colors of thread. The rest of the areas were filled in with lighter and daintier pieces.
This round robin was a great teacher of tone on tone techniques. And now my attention will be focused on creating more ecru tone on tone blocks to match the
ones I got back in the round robin. More on that next time.


  1. Oooh, Cheryl, this is gorgeous! It's so cheerful!

  2. Yes it is bright but it is also beautiful!