Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Ready For CQJP 2012

The holidays are over, and I've been ruminating about my CQJP 2012 project. A year is a long time, and I want to work with colors and themes I love. I pulled out this 12" peacock block I made several years back, and this is perhaps my favorite theme. I certainly want to incorporate other motifs as well, but peacocks, fans, and paisleys will dominate my blocks. I've never done a pieced fan block (think Dresden Plate). It's a great way to try out new stitches. Plus fans in general add an elegance to quilts and blend nicely with the peacock theme...their tail all puffed up is the most beautiful fan of all. They also lend an opportunity to work more on technical skills without worrying about design and placement. That will be a nice breather now and then.
I'd like to explore the versatility of paisley motifs. Betty Pillsbury does awesome paisleys and I'd like to dream up a few of my own.
As for peacocks- I want all kinds of interpretations in thread, beads, sequins, silk ribbon. You get the idea.
I'm going to make at least 2 12" blocks and see how it goes. I have done several in a one months span, but not a years worth. That could get tiresome. We'll see.
I love color and movement. But with the bright peacock colors, one of my challenges will be making sure there is a place for the eye to rest either through color or placement.
Just two more days in December and then I go at it full force!

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  1. Love those colors. I don't have a theme, but I have an idea of a project I can do. I am trying to learn a lot of new stitches. Can't wait to see your first block for CQJP 2012.