Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finding Embellishments for Crazy quilting

I think half the fun of crazy quilting is scrounging around thrift shops, ebay, and rummage sales looking for the perfect thing. But sometimes those things come your way without having to look too hard.
I was in a fair trade store not looking for anything in particular, and spied their Christmas ornament section. It was there that I found this peacock- superbly hand embroidered and goldwork encrusted ON BOTH SIDES. It is hard to capture the beauty of this piece with my little camera.
I bought it and proceeded to very carefully remove the stitching that held the two sides together. Now I have this gorgeous piece ready to go for my peacock crazy quilt. I so enjoy the beautifully embroidered pieces I see coming from India and other areas of Asia. It looks like I'll be doing some shisha mirror work to back this beautiful bird up!

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  1. Your work is wonderful, and so colorful. You do great work.